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Combining low cost, broad coverage and tremendous flexibility, Internet and interactive gaming offer undreamed of opportunities for entrepreneurs, whether they aim to found a new business or expand an existing one.

But there are also unprecedented legal challenges. Even the definition of gambling, once so sure, may or may not apply to a new format, site, or app.

My specialty is helping clients navigate between the varying and changing ( and sometimes conflicting) gaming laws of particular states, provinces, and nations. Most of these laws do not even directly mention Internet and interactive gaming, and most lawmakers do not understand it.

When I serve your interests, the object is for you to present a correct compliance picture to any competent authority where Internet and interactive gaming operators may choose to offer their services. I have been specializing in this since 1998, helping clients all over the world. ( It is a global market, after all.)

I also help the businesses who provide services to Internet and interactive gaming sites: advertisers, marketers, affiliates, software providers, and payment solutions providers- pretty much everything on the support side.

There’s a way to do your thing, and do it lawfully. Let me help you find it.